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Virtual-First Primary Care Pilot and Scale / Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health


Virtual-First Primary Care Pilot and Scale


Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health


Access is a major problem in the traditional primary care model, where patients may wait up to several months to see their PCPs. A virtual-first model can provide improved access through telemed/hybrid visits, but the service needs to be designed to consider provider well-being, operational constraints and business ROI.

Additionally, once a pilot was launched, the next challenge was to use the learnings to scale the program system-wide while aligning various project teams -- including IT, operations, business strategy and marketing.


Lead Service Designer and Strategist

Responsibilities and Methods/Tools:

Agile/scrum framework

Business strategy alignment

Competitive intelligence

Communication strategy


Customer experience & journey mapping


Operational alignment


Product vision

Project management

Qualitative and quantitative data analysis

Rapid experimentation

Service blueprints

Stakeholder engagement and strategy

Strategic roadmap


My Impact:

Landing page for pilot launch

Service blueprint and process maps

Patient communication

Metrics and methods to learn


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