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The Civic Innovation Playbook / CivicoLabs


The Civic Innovation Playbook




Innovation in typical city governments is often hampered by bureaucracy -- particularly around procurement. For innovation culture to become innate in cities, there needs to be a new approach, where start-ups and innovators can partner with local governments for true civic transformation to improve the lives of inhabitants.


Co-Founder / Head of Design Strategy and Thinking / Editor and Co-Writer

Responsibilities and Methods/Tools:

Design thinking and strategy

Innovation strategy

Partnership strategy


UX design


My Impact:
  • Published a 30-page playbook showcasing CivicoLab’s proprietary five-step Innovation Method to creating prototype cities focused on seven grand civic challenges: the futures of the built environment, civic engagement, data, health & wellness, mobility, public safety, and work.

  • Presented proprietary design methodology at the United Nations AI for Good Summit with 2,000 global start-up and government leaders in attendance

    • Also digitally distributed to 2,000 attendees the companion workbook The AI for Cities Guide for the AI for Good Summit Cities track

  • Created workshops to educate government officials serving 10,000+ constituents on design research principles and tools

Cover of the Civic Innovation Playbook, distributed to hundreds of local and country government officials, and start-ups

Inside page from the Civic Innovation Playbook

Representing concepts as visuals

The 5-step method to innovation as developed by my co-founders and me

Detail of Step 4 of the CivicoLabs Innovation Method


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