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Redesign Health Rebrand / Redesign Health


Redesign Health Rebrand


Redesign Health


Rebrand venture fund and health start-up builder Redesign Health’s communication and messaging to better reflect its vision on how it will transform health and wellness for consumers, patients, and providers.


Brand Strategist

Responsibilities and Methods/Tools:

Brand Strategy

Competitive analysis

Stakeholder and subject-matter experts

Trends research

Value proposition, mission and purpose

My Impact:
  • Insights led to repositioning Redesign Health as the premier, future-oriented and human-centered venture fund and health care start-up builder among dozens of competitors

  • Refocused company's messaging to emphasize the urgency of its mission to expose it to a new, competitive and diversified candidate pool of thousands

Reframing the mission around the importance of the "how"

Honing in on the "why" to drive urgency of the company's mission and purpose

Sample copy developed by visual branding agency around the insights I presented

A blog developed to cement RH's reputation as thought leaders who believe diverse perspectives are needed to solve diverse health problems


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