Nokia Unwired
Nokia Unwired, a monthly e-magazine aimed at teens and early twentysomethings, was developed to promote the company through cool content, such as games, music, art, technology and fashion. Within two years, the content I helped contribute garnered an opt-in rate (meaning voluntary sign-ups as opposed to spam) of over 1 million readers. You can see the issues live online here, but this link will take you to some examples of specific clips written by me.
As Lifestyle Editor at the e-commerce site for retail chain Pacific Sunwear, I conceived all content — from writing stories to gathering assets and working with graphic designers on my team — to tie in the lives of the company's online customers with its skatewear and surfwear offerings. I worked frequently with the marketing departments of brands like Vans and Roxy/Quiksilver for much of the content.
I was also the Lifestyle Editor at the e-commerce site for retail chain Demo, owned by Pacific Sunwear. My responsibilities here were the same, but with a more hip-hop/urban slant to fit the demographic Demo serves. I liasioned with 310 Motoring, Baby Phat and other brands to develop the marketing content.