Hot Hood: São Paulo
Where to shop in São Paulo's chic Cerqueira César neighborhood. From CONDE NAST TRAVELER.

Hone Bargaining Skills at Sao Paulo, Brazil's Many Farmers Markets and Crafts Fairs
Negotiate for fruit, jewelry, record albums, antiques and more. From the LOS ANGELES TIMES.

Design in Sao Paulo
In Sao Paulo, pick up a souvenir with a pedigree in an emerging design-world hotspot. From BUDGET TRAVEL.

Hospital Smell
I’ve started to notice the smell. It’s a deep funk, definitely human, saturating the stale air like an old sponge. From LA WEEKLY.

Playing Off of Nostalgia
Being a coffeehouse, Hub Cafe couldn't exactly give up caffeine, but the owners did kindly create an escape hatch. From LOS ANGELES TIMES MAGAZINE.

Ask the Art Guru
This is an irreverently written comparison between the storefront displays of discount retail chain 99 Cents Only Stores and the work of Andy Warhol. From ART CONNOISSEUR magazine.

Bedazzled Baskets
Remember how happy you felt as a kid when you clutched that birthday party goody bag full of pencils, Pixy Stixs and florescent plastic rulers? From LOS ANGELES TIMES MAGAZINE.

The Real Designs of Imaginary Foundation
You couldn't fault Nick Philip for being slightly wary when he received a peculiar e-mail two years ago from a group of stodgy Swiss intellectuals seeking a designer to visually translate their philosophy. From RES magazine.

We Are (Lounge) Family
"They look like they're mass produced, but I made them myself," says 33-year-old Joji Okazaki with a sigh. The "Lounge Family and Friends" look at him, shaking their heads with empathy. From LOS ANGELES TIMES MAGAZINE.

Single Mom Learns Art of Financing Dreams
Virginia Funkhouser wants to own a home. Not a dream house, just a home to call her own. From the FINANCE section of LOS ANGELES TIMES.

Who Knows Where the Mime Goes?
What happened to standards in street performance art? We miss the much-maligned mime. From LOS ANGELES TIMES MAGAZINE.

Moving Units
"People don't realize that being in a band starting from L.A., [it's] the worst possible city. It'd be better to be from like, Peoria, IL, just because there's an inherent distrust that anything organic [or] creative could happen in LA." From URB magazine.

Girl Power Gear
At the height of Spice Girls fever, New Breed Clothing designers and co-partners Delia Hudson and Patrick Wood were busy in downtown L.A. producing the hippest thing to hit the young women's clothing market: T-shirts. From LOS ANGELES TIMES' CALENDARLIVE.COM (part of LATIMES.COM).

That Darn Rat
For the Chinese, the Year of the Rat brings 12 months of prosperity. But for New Yorkers, the word "rat" has an entirely different meaning. From BIKINI magazine.

Rescue Me
There's no doubt that we taxpayers see value in the search and rescue teams and the lengths they'll go to help an innocent victim. From LOS ANGELES TIMES MAGAZINE.

Under the Influence: Underworld
With two decades in the music biz, countless singles and EPs and five full-lengths, it's safe to say that Karl Hyde and Rick Smith of Underworld have already arrived. From URB magazine.

Music Videos Make the Blog
While video blogs offer instant access to the potentially embarrassing goings-on behind your next-door neighbor's doors, they have also created a place for fresh content you can't find anywhere else. From RES magazine.

Go Pho It! A Taste of Vietnam
Tony Lam, owner of Vien Dong restaurant, sets steaming teacups on the table in front of three older men in withered gray slacks and dress shirts who sit joking with each other. Within the cups is the answer to a hectic morning of errand running. From LOS ANGELES TIMES' CALENDARLIVE.COM (part of LATIMES.COM).

The World At Your Wrist
Got the time? With more digital memory than you'll know what to do with, these watches feature technological innovations that not only brag "future, future, future" but also "fun, fun, fun." From LOS ANGELES TIMES' CALENDARLIVE.COM (part of LATIMES.COM).

Who's Zoomin' Who?
After filling their minds with the latest Harry Potter adventure, kids across America are going outside for some R&R — rest and Razors, that is. From TRIPOLOGY.COM.